Legal Amicus offers a safe zone for your whistleblowing solution:

Whistle Zone

Worldwide. Be compliant today.

800 DKK,-
pr. Land
pr. måned

Whistleblowing System
ISO certified
Upload files
Sound reports
Secure postbox
English & danish language
International Whistleblowing Policies & manuals
Whistleblowing Phone Support.

Set-up fee pr. country:
2.000 DKK,-

Set-up fee pr. extra language besides english & danish:
2.000 DKK,-

All prices are excl.VAT

Whistleblowing Services

Handled by our own worldwide Legal Team:

1.200 DKK pr. hour

Case processing
by Legal Amicus:
1.800 DKK pr. hour.

Case processing by a lawyer:
2.500 DKK pr. hour.

All prices are excl. VAT

International Whistleblowing Policies & manuals

Our International Whistleblowing Policies are compliant with the EU directive and your national laws.

Verified by specialists & translated by professionals.

Onboarding day

Online or on-site
1.000 DKK pr. person
min. 25. persons required

Education & introduction
Teamwork & cases
An evaluation test as finish

What does the whistleblowing directive say?

Do you know what it means to be a whistleblower?

What are the "do's & don'ts" in whistleblowing?

A good start is key.
Convey trust across the entire organisation and make sure everybody knows the concept of whistleblowing and how to use your new tool Whistle Zone correctly.

All prices are excl. VAT

Want to see how Whistle Zone works?

Demo link & QR code


 Click the button & submit a free fictional whistleblowing report through a demo version of the Whistleblowing System.

Be anonymous or leave your contact info in the report and we will contact you. 


(When inside, just press the flag in the upper right corner to change language).



Do you have a whistleblowing solution?

The deadline is near

The EU directive on whistleblowing was passed in 2019 and enters into force in Danish law the 17 december 2021. All companies within EU with 50+ employees are therefore obligated to implement a whistleblowing solution in the workplace.

 The deadline in Denmark for companies with 50 – 249 employees is 17th December 2023.

The deadline in Denmark for companies with 250+ employees was 17th December 2021.


Whistle Zone by Legal Amicus ApS

About Us

Legal Amicus ApS in Denmark are experienced in working with companies across the globe. 

Using legal outsourcing & fixed prices we are an alternative to the use of lawyers. 

We are your external legal department in all aspects. We function as your inhouse legal counselors. 

And as such, we wish to offer you a safe zone for a worldwide whistleblowing solution that is business minded, flexible and works for you on a global scale.


Whistle Zone by Legal Amicus

Legal Solution & System

Closed Whistleblowing System

We offer an ISO Certified System to ensure high safety. The closed Whistleblowing System ensures anonymity.

Secure Postbox

A secure postpox allows easy and anonymous communication between Legal Amicus and all other parties.

Encrypted data & communication

Anonymity & protection of the whistleblower is key. All data and communication are encrypted

Whistleblowing Guidelines

We have International Whistleblowing Guidelines, GDPR & Privacy Policies in multiple languages ready for you.
They comply with EU & your own national law.

Worldwide Legal Team
& Phone Support

Legal Counselors in 15 countries are ready to screen & process your whistleblowing reports.
Access to a lawyer if needed.

Onboarding day

Online or on-site introduction day.
Takes 2-3 hours.
Make sure everyone understands whistleblowing and how to use it.

Are you ready for the up-coming role as the companys responsible whistleblowing manager?

Legal Counselors worldwide
Lawyers worldwide
Employees are covered by our solution right now
Whistleblowing Cases needing a lawyer.

Why Whistle Zone?

Because its about more than just basic compliance

Pay per Country  –  ISO Certified Whistleblowing System  –  Worldwide Legal Team  –  Secure postbox  –  Voice  –  Whistleblowing guidelines  –  On-boarding day  –  International experience  –  Businessminded & flexible  –  Trust

Whistle Zone

Is a whistleblowing solution important for you?

The short answer is YES. 

The laws about whistleblowing was passed because EU as well as local governments wish to protect those who “whistle”, no matter their station or rank.

They wish to ensure that anyone who finds themselves “in a tight spot” due too a good conscience towards the law on one hand and loyalty towards the company on the other, are able to continue their lives normally and socially afterwards. Without fear of reprecussions from their surroundings, such as social exclusion, beeing demoted or fired.

Therefore, a whistleblowing solution such as Whistle Zone becomes highly relevant for you when and if you make an observation which puts you “in a tight spot”.  



Do you need a whistleblowing solution?


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